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  • Open and ALL OPERATIONS ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL - Come and be with the alligators and wildlife with Air Boat USA  www.AirBoatUSA.com !!!

    Pure and Private!  Our world famous Everglades airboat "Fan Boat" tours are just for you and your group.  Private and exclusive just for you.

    See how we release wild turtles back into the glades, visit our island and climb to our observation deck.  www.AirBoatUSA.com is the right choice for you, I promise you,

    I'm the owner, Gary "Gator" Matthews"

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I went to Miami with my best friend for Spring Break and we decided to do something out of our element. It was SUPER DUPER FUN! Captain Tim was amazing ! We went and another family was there with a dog. It made me super happy to know that you can take your animal. It made it feel very "homey" and I felt like I was with my family. If you want to have fun, this is what you need to do !!!! I give it 5 stars ! April 2016 Ileana April 2016 Varas

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